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Artistic research

The public examination of my doctoral degree was successfully held at the concert hall of the Sibelius Academy on November, 28th 2020.

The artistic part, the concert series: The female soprano within baroque repertoire

Doctoral thesis: Sjunga-i-världen – en fenomenologisk betraktelse över sångarens inre arbete (translation: Singing-in-the-world – a phenomenological view on the singer’s inner work)


My doctoral thesis can be downloaded in pdf here:

The concert series: The aim of my concert series has been to study the role of the female soprano within baroque repertoire during the period 1600–1750. The repertoire in the concert series has been gathered from different communities and important female sopranos within Europe, for instance from Handel’s operatic world in London and Italian nun convents.


The full programs of all five concerts can be found in the appendix of my thesis (see the link above)! 

The doctoral thesis: In my thesis I have studied the singer’s inner work and what precedes the voice. In my research I have utilized my experience as a singer specialized in early music and the genre’s generally intimate concert and rehearsal atmosphere. Employing the triadic concept of body–breath–mind led me to study the singer’s inner work from each side of the triangle that forms this unit. In this process the triad’s cyclical identity appears. The three parts are inseparable from each other, although the unit can be studied from these three different angles. Experience texts from rehearsals and concerts have been mirrored against phenomenological theories. 

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