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Earthly Angels first album contains music by Italian nun composers from the 17th century. For this album we won YLE Album of the Year 2018.

Musicians on the album:

Kajsa Dahlbäck, Peter Spissky, Aira Maria Lehtipuu, Andrew Lawrence-King, Eero Palviainen, Marianna Henriksson.

ALBA Records.

Earthly Angels second album is all about French Baroque! 

Musicians on this album:

Kajsa Dahlbäck, Heidi Peltoniemi, Simone Vallerotonda, Aapo Häkkinen.

ALBA Records.

Earthly Angels: Juhlat Kristiinan hovissa (Queen Christina's music) at Klassinen Hietsu 10.9.2023
Musicians: Kajsa Dahlbäck, Jani Sunnarborg, Heidi Peltoniemi, Eero Palviainen, Aapo Häkkinen

Kajsa Dahlbäck talks about her work – winner of the Culture Prize 2022 (Svenska folkskolans vänner)

Language in the video: Swedish.

Earthly Angels: Isabella Leonarda
400 years concert, 4.9.2020

Musicians: Kajsa Dahlbäck, Anthony Marini, Tuomo Suni, Aira Maria Lehtipuu, Heidi Peltoniemi, Anna Rinta-Rahko, Andrew Lawrence-King, Eero Palviainen, Marianna Henriksson

JS Bach: Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten
BWV 202.
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra 2016.

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